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美国人 Cheese is 牛奶'对付魔鬼(经过处理和巴氏杀菌)

美国人 Cheese is 牛奶'对付魔鬼(经过处理和巴氏杀菌)

It oozes out of grilled 起司 sandwiches, defines the common 起司burger, and claims a place of high status in the lunchboxes of children across the nation. However 我们在这个国家所知道和喜欢的“American 起司”既不是美国人– 没有r is it 起司.

Look closely at the label 上 your orange slices of 美国人 起司 and you will see that the word “cheese”仅出现在标签中: 巴氏杀菌 处理 起司 product.

If 起司 is “牛奶’迈向永生,” then 巴氏杀菌 处理 起司 product is 牛奶’与魔鬼打交道–彻底转变成它以前的自我的外壳,彻底剥夺了灵魂和物质。 Discover how this waxy, plasti-crappy 起司-like product came to be so popular in America –并了解您可以选择的更健康,更健康的替代方法。

History of 美国人 Cheese

The story of 美国人 起司 begins in Switzerland, of course.

Processed 起司 product was invented in the landlocked Alpine country in 1911 by Swiss scientist Walter Gerber. Shortly after, a very smart man named James L. 卡夫 加工方法获得了美国专利,正是他的公司创造了第一个商用切片“American” 起司 singles, which hit the market in the 1950s.

At the time, 卡夫 was criticized for using marketing tricks to sell second-rate 起司 as a 第一流 product –他的产品被称为“embalmed 起司.” But his tricks worked. 美国人s gladly sacrificed the taste and quality of their 起司 in favor of convenience, a growing trend that would play out over and over in the country as quantity and ease became more important that anything else in many people’s diets.

Cheaper than real 起司 and with a much longer shelf-life, 处理 起司 product became popular and soon was to be found 上 dinner tables all over the country, so much so that it became known as “American 起司.”

食物’s supreme meltability also helped to earn it a place 上 top of fast food 起司burger patties, squished inside of 烤三明治,并渗出 macaroni and 起司.

Today, most 美国人s have eaten our fair share of those bright orange slices in convenient plastic packages - 没有t to mention Cheez Whiz, Easy Cheese and Velveeta.

But if 美国人 起司 isn’t 起司… then what is it?


Technically, 没有. Because 美国人 起司 has so many additives, it is illegal to label it as “cheese”在许多国家,包括美国。根据 美国食品药品管理局, when a product contains more than 51% additional ingredients, it is 没有 longer itself. Processed 起司 product isn’t 起司.

Ingredients in 美国人 Cheese

加工奶酪产品或“cheese food”由奶酪以及未发酵的乳制品,乳化剂(稳定剂)制成–通常是磷酸钠,酒石酸盐或柠檬酸盐),盐,食用色素和乳清(牛奶血浆)。大多数品种无法合法地贴上标签“cheese” because of the high amount of additives, which make up more than 51% of the total 产品。 Real 起司 has a lower moisture content and contains more 牛奶 fat. Check out the full list of ingredients in a slice of 卡夫 Singles 美国人 Cheese:

  • 牛奶
  • 乳清
  • 浓缩牛奶蛋白
  • 乳脂
  • 柠檬酸钠
  • 磷酸钙
  • 浓缩乳清蛋白
  • 乳酸
  • 山梨酸
  • 奶酪文化
  • 安纳托和辣椒粉提取物
  • 酵素
  • 维生素D3

美国人 Cheese Nutrition Facts

Whether it comes in a block or a spray can, 处理 起司 product is known for its bland, inferior taste, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and trans-fats. A laughable product in most other countries, for some reason in America this weak-tasting artificial 起司-like food product seems to fit the palates of many. Here is the nutritional information per slice (3/4 ounce) of 卡夫 Singles 美国人 Cheese:

  • 卡路里:70
  • 脂肪:4.5克(3克饱和脂肪)
  • 胆固醇:5克
  • 钠:220毫克
  • 糖:1克
  • 蛋白质4克
  • 维生素A:每日推荐值4%
  • 钙:每日推荐值的25%


If “吃啥变啥,”您真的想成为加工产品吗?

While real 起司 is 没有 gold-medal champion 上 the healthy side of the diet chart, at least it is free from the chemical additives and artificial flavors and 颜色 found in many types of 处理 起司.

尽管在过去的几十年中,美国出现了偏向于食品而不是食品的悲惨趋势,但消费者终于意识到,食品的质量可能比购买的数量更为重要。尽管这些天来预算问题已经成熟,但实际的饮食费用“foodstuffs”而不是食物不仅无法衡量 waistline, 但也关系到​​您未来的健康。

您的身体和您所爱的人应该得到真正的食物。下次你’re at the grocery store and you reach for an easy package of 起司 product for your family’s sandwich lunch or macaroni dinner, opt for real 起司 instead. There are 恩dless varieties of 起司 from around the world, and trying them can be an adventure. You can purchase small amounts of new 起司 varieties at the deli counter, so that you can sample different textures and tastes without spending a fortune

自己测试–而且您会发现,一口真正的威斯康星州切达干酪比五片切尔兹干酪更美味和美味 cheese-like product.




芝士 that taste similar to 美国人 Cheese: Provolone, Monterrey Jack, Colby, Mild Cheddar, Mild Swiss

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